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Winter Benefits of a Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

As the leaves fall from the trees and the temperatures drop significantly, it’s clear winter is near. And while the winter weather outlook varies for 2020 depending on where you live, millions of Americans will go through several months of a cold season upcoming.

At GenieBidet, we’re here to provide not only practical bathroom bidet options that improve your overall quality of life, but those that will specifically benefit you in the cold weather. Our electric heated bidet toilet seat options are perfect for those who dread sitting down on a freezing-cold toilet seat during the dead of winter, fears that even extend to practical and safety areas in some cases. Here’s a quick primer on how a heated bidet seat might benefit you this winter.

Bathrooms, Comfort and Safety

For many of us, sitting on a cold toilet seat is mostly an inconvenience. Especially in periods like the early morning or late at night, the toilet seat can get frustratingly cold and provide an unpleasant jolt to those sitting down.

For others, though, this inconvenience extends to an actual risk. Consider some seniors, for instance, who already may struggle with themes like the proper knee-bend for sitting down on the toilet, or other themes. A fear or a cold seat will only increase this anxiety, which will in turn increase the risk of harmful events like slips or falls while in the bathroom. A toilet seat that’s warm and comfortable, on the other hand, creates no such anxiety and allows for a pleasant bathroom experience.

Heated Bidet Seats

As we noted above, our heated bidet seats are the ideal option for those looking to remove the concern of a cold toilet seat from their lives completely. These electric bidet seat options are incredibly handy, plus economical – they allow for the heating element to be turned off during the summer and warmer parts of the year, meaning you aren’t wasting energy or money on a heating component when you don’t actually need it. In addition, many of these options come with their own built-in water heaters, allowing you to wash yourself with warm water.

Practical and Comfortable

On top of their basic qualities, one major theme stands out to many owners of heated bidet seats: The way they can be adjusted. Most come with at least three temperature settings, often as many as five. They also all come with a basic warm air-dry function that allows for water to quickly and easily be removed with no mess or hassle.

For more on any of our heated bidet seats and how they especially benefit our customers during the winter part of the year, or to learn about any of our bidet toilet seats or attachments, speak to the staff at GenieBidet today.

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