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Financial Benefits of Bidet Installation and Use, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the financial benefits associated with bidets and bidet toilet seats. While these products are best known for their practical benefits for many people, they also provide excellent financial positives in a number of situations.

At GenieBidet, we’re happy to provide a wide range of bidet seats, bidet attachments and related bidet services to all our clients. We’re proud to have supplied numerous clients with bidet products and accessories that not only make their lives more comfortable, but also save them money in a few different ways. Today’s part two of our series will dig into some of the other financial reasons you should be considering a bidet toilet seat or related product for your home – or even for other common locations.

Environmental Benefits

One of the key financial benefits we went over in part one was the toilet paper you save when using a bidet compared to a standard toilet seat. This is no small sum, with those who only use toilet paper consuming a huge amount of excess toilet paper compared to bidet users.

Another related area that benefits not only your pocketbook, but also the environment itself: Saving water. Did you realize that in addition to the water used every time you flush a traditional toilet, it takes huge amounts of water to manufacture toilet paper in the first place? Between these two areas, the use of a bidet often allows homeowners to save hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water per year, both in their homes and through toilet paper they do not need to purchase.

Office Themes

While we aren’t necessarily at this point just yet, we’re reaching a status where bidets and bidet accessories are a far larger part of normal American life. More and more people are realizing the hygiene-related benefits of bidets along with their financial ones – before long, don’t be surprised if many office spaces begin defaulting to bidets due to cost savings and comfort. In addition, many building managers who employ a variety of individuals may consider bidets because they will lead to happier, more satisfied employees.

Future of Bidets

Down similar lines, the future of bidets appears to be very strong. These products are moving away from a reputation as “luxury” products and toward acceptance for greater common use – they’re simply more efficient and more comfortable for many people than the traditional toilet paper approach. As their installations and attachments become even simpler to deal with, we expect these products to become more and more commonplace.

For more on the financial benefits of bidet seats and other bidet products, or to learn about any of our bidet supplies, speak to the staff at GenieBidet today.

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