By Genie Bidet


With taboos around sexual health and personal hygiene becoming uncommon, its no wonder that Gen Z is becoming more open to traditional forms of cleaning. 

All over the world the use of bidets have been around for hundreds, of not thousands of years.  The use of bidets for hygiene was a necessary action prior to the industrial revolution all around the world. It was about cleaning the body and preventing disease. Taboos happened when cultures made assumptions about others. It was truly a form of health care. 

In general Gen Z is reaffirming that health care is self care. 

During the 90s, brands like Brondell and Toto brought bidets to the forefront of North America. Introducing sleeker looks and crazy new features that previously, were never thought of. 

The bidet was no longer this heavy fixture in the bathroom, it was an attraction.

But regardless of how luxury bidets were, people just were still afraid of the bidet. 

The fear came from the wrong myth that bidets were “for the dirty”, as American GI’s in Italy only ever saw bidets in less than fancy houses.

But now, with more common brands like GenieBidet or Tushy, bidets are being made great again. 

These bidets are focusing on the health and wellness of the person and really justifying the purchase with their commitment to saving money and saving trees. 

Gen Z, a group who are growing up in a very crazy economic time, value money savers, but also time savers and savers. 

During the pandemic, brands like GenieBidet sold out and sold over what they had expected. This was all because of the rush to save yourself from not having toilet paper. The supply chain issues caused panic, but it also made a lot of Gen Z reconsider the need for such a non-renewable resource. Attachment bidets from GenieBidet may cost anywhere between $50 - $300, but the lifetime savings equated to more than just money. The impacts of environment, fair labor, and health and hygiene really outweighed the initial cost. 

Bidets, like THE CLASSIC GenieBidet, offer easy installation, a sleep design, and table talk when guests come over. 

It opens the dialogue to a conversation around money, climate change, and self improvement; three topics that friends and family need to have. And for Gen Z, it’s the start of a generational healing towards bathroom and bidet life.

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