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What should I do if I have a rigid water supply line?

This will not apply to most customers, however, if you happen to have a rigid water supply line to your toilet tank, you will need to replace that with a flexible steel braided water supply hose which can be found at any hardware store, Home Depot, Lowe’s etc. The addition of the “T” connector will make your “rigid” hose too long.

We recommend you purchase the same length flexible hose as your rigid line +/- an inch. It does not need to be exact because it’s flexible, but too long may look unattractive. Here’s an example of what you need.

What should I do if I find a loose gasket in my package?

Occasionally the rubber gasket that comes attached will fall out of the hose end during shipping. Just make sure you put it back in place if yours fell out, or if you find it loose in the bag with the hose.

Where's my base plate?

The base is preinstalled in the base of the bidet.

What's the best way to open the remote control?

The best way is to use a butter knife and twist. It does fit tightly and will not break.

How do I make sure this bidet seat will fit my toilet properly?

There must be 2 inches between the outer most curve of your toilet tank and center of the bolt holes otherwise your bidet lid may not stay up.  (Not applicable to the Stealth Model seat bidets.)

Can I install my bidet seat without the expansion nuts?

If you are not using the expansion nuts, be sure to firmly push the two adapter plate adjusting pieces all the way into your toilet bowl to ensure the adapter plate fits tightly to your toilet after tightening the stainless steel screws.

How can I adapt the water pressure of my bidet?

If for any reason you would like a stronger stream, please refer to page 6 in the instructions and it will explain how to remove the pressure regulator and dramatically increase the pressure.

How do I make sure this bidet seat will fit my toilet properly?

You only need to make sure you choose the correct toilet size to fit properly. They fit just like a toilet seat replacement, therefore, not requiring an adapter plate.

Does my bidet come with a T-Connector adapter?

Yes! All bidets with required installation bring a T-Connector adapter.

How should I place the conical gasket?

The conical gasket is a cone shaped washer that is placed inside the T-Connector adapter. The small end of the cone needs to face upward in the T-Connector adapter.

How should I place the T-Connector adapter?

Do not over-tighten the T-Connector adapter nut. Make sure to hand tighten and then you can turn 1/4 at the most with a wrench or channel locks.  Do NOT use plumbers tape.

Why are there two flat washers with my Hybrid T?

One should be fine in most cases. If you have a slow leak, use the additional washer.

My bidet has a long hose, can I cut it?

Yes! The attachments bring a long white hose that can adapt to your toilet's size. You can cut the white hose to your desired length for a clean looking install.

How should I connect the Hand Held sprayer spiral hose?

Connect the hexagonal end to the T-Connector adapter and the smooth end to the hand sprayer base. Otherwise, it won't hang in the hanger properly.

How do I care for my Electric Portable Bidet?

Make sure the rubber charging port door is closed after charging. You do not want water getting in there as it may damage the battery.

Most GenieBidet™ don’t require any cleaning, except the same occasional wipe-down you do for the rest of your toilet.

The nozzle that sprays water extends when you are using it and retracts so it’s out of the way when you are not.

Many of our GenieBidet™ models also offer self-cleaning features, so you get quality water out of your bidet sprayer each time.

Great advice: give our GenieBidet™ and toilet bowl a quick spray with your favorite natural disinfectant cleaner and flush. This keeps the bathroom clean but also smelling magical!

Yes, it definitely can!

Our dual-spray GenieBidet™ models could replace toilet paper entirely: saving you a lot of money and limiting your environmental footprint.

For most of our customers, a GenieBidet™ reduces toilet paper use between 75% and 100%. Many of them have soap and personal towels to stay fresh and dry.

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