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Bidet FAQs

Q: Are bidets sanitary?

A: Definitely. Bidets are actually more sanitary than wiping with traditional toilet paper, which doesn’t always clean up everything, and can spread fecal matter or germs to other places. Water gently cleanses the entire area to remove anything that could irritate your skin after you go to the bathroom.

Q: Is it “baday” or “bidet”?

A: The term is bidet, but it is pronounced “bih-DAY.” It is believed to have originated in France in the 1700s. The French word actually means horse or small pony, presumably because of the way you straddle a toilet when you are cleaning yourself with the device.

Q: What is the point of a bidet?

A: Bidets have become popular around the world because they offer a better, more hygienic and more comfortable way to clean your body after using the toilet. Using toilet paper can be messy and unsanitary, and leave your skin damaged or feeling irritated. Bidets also offer an environmentally friendly option for toilet use that doesn’t involve cutting down millions of trees every year.

Q: Is a bidet worth it?

A: If you add up all the money you spend on toilet paper every year (especially if you like the special multi-ply or super-soft brands, or you buy cleansing wet wipes in addition to your standard toilet paper) then a bidet could pay for itself quickly. In fact, an average family of four uses about the equivalent of 400 double rolls of toilet paper every year, so even if you spend 85 cents to $1 per roll, that’s a big expense every year. A bidet will last for many years, saving thousands in toilet paper costs.

That cost analysis also doesn’t take into account the environmental costs of toilet paper, which destroys thousands of trees and forests every year, uses tons of water and energy in the manufacturing process and adds to pollution and carbon emissions that result from shipping it all over the country.

Q: Is a bidet for a man or a woman?

A: Both men and women can use a bidet to clean after using the toilet. Several of our GenieBidetTM models have dual retractable nozzles that offer cleaning for the back and the front, so women can use it every time they use the toilet.

Q: Can a bidet replace toilet paper?

A: Yes, it definitely can. Some bidet models that only clean the back side may not replace toilet paper entirely for women who need it when they urinate. But if you purchase a model that offers adjustable sprayer heads for back and front cleaning, or a handheld bidet sprayer that you can use for both front and back, your bidet could replace toilet paper entirely. That can save you a lot of money, and is more environmentally friendly. For most people, a bidet reduces overall toilet paper usage between 75% and 100%.

Q: Where does the water come from in a bidet?

A: A bidet hooks up to the plumbing that connects your toilet to the fixtures in the wall, so the water comes from the same place as the water for your toilet. In some bidet models, that could mean the water is a little colder, while others offer features that heat the water or provide “ambient temperature” water that’s the same as the air temperature.

Q: How do you clean a bidet?

A: Most bidets don’t require any cleaning, except the same occasional wipe-down you do for the rest of your toilet. The nozzle that sprays water extends when you are using it and retracts so it’s out of the way when you are not. Many of the GenieBidetTM models also offer self-cleaning features, so you get quality water out of your bidet sprayer each time.