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By Genie Bidet


The major problem with any space is accessibility. 

That’s it. That’s the tweet. 

Architects to engineers, interior designers to urban planners, accessibility for inclusive body types or abilities. 

Bathrooms have standards, especially public bathrooms, for what’s needed by those with disabilities. This isn’t the REAL case sometimes. Often, disabled individuals find problems with adapting to new places to live. 

Bathrooms tend to be the most inaccessible of rooms for anyone with disabilities.

When someone has a physical disability, getting up and down can be a major problem. 

From a chair.

From a stool. 

From the toilet.

The most basic necessity is using the toilet. 

When you have a disability this can be very complicated, and become an issue. Sometimes, those with disabilities might stay home over go out and have an issue with using the toilet.

Any abled body person can easily use the toilet, get some toilet paper, flush, and wash their hands. It can be done so easily, sometimes, an able person can be on autopilot. For those with disabilities, these actions take a lot of effort.

One way to make your friends who have disabilities feel more comfortable and confident in your home, is by offering a bidet.

A bidet, especially a modern toilet attachment bidet, is a simple gesture that makes it easier to use the bathroom. Regardless of your body, a bit day, is able to gently spray water after you’re finished going, and make it a more healthy and hygienic clean.

A bidet can also be a savior for when you run out of toilet paper. Toilet paper can be hard, even for the best of us, to grab in a hurry. When you have an attachment like the GenieBidet Classic AB-2000, it makes it simple to go, clean up, and feel way more fresh down there.

When you’re living with disabilities, a bidet could mean the difference between feeling clean and being confident, and feeling uncomfortable. Making sure everything is washed down there with a simple twist of the knob, ensures that everyone who visits your home, including yourself, can be happy and healthy without any problems.

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