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Bidets and Eco-Friendliness: Toilet Paper Concerns

All over the world in recent years and decades, there's been a major emphasis on eco-friendly practices. This emphasis is found in numerous areas and industries, including one you may not have considered: The toilet and toilet paper world, which also includes bidets.

At GenieBidet, we're happy to offer numerous bidet seats, bidet toilet attachments and other bidet options that not only provide convenience and comfort for their users, but also help with major environmental friendless themes as well. Why is eco-friendliness important in the first place, and what kind of impact does toilet paper have on the environment – and what can bidets do to help reduce this footprint? This two-part blog will look into everything you need to know.

Eco-Friendly Concepts

Technically, the term "eco-friendly" refers to anything that's either friendly to the earth or not outright harmful to its environment. The term is often used as an umbrella descriptor for any effort that reduces the environmental footprint within a given realm, whether it's to limit water usage, energy usage, pollution or some related area.

Eco-friendliness is possible on both a micro and macro scale. When you properly sort your trash from your recycling each week, you're taking part in one small form of eco-friendly behavior; when a corporation changes to new materials for production because they're better for the environment, this is an example of macro eco-friendly behavior.

Average Toilet Paper Usage

When you combine the large population of a country like the USA with its typical toilet paper needs, you reach huge numbers of toilet paper rolls used each year. Rough estimates peg at least 7.5 billion such rolls used every year in the US alone, and these might be conservative – they don't account for those who use large amounts of toilet paper or those who waste it for other purposes. Sadly, the average American uses much more toilet paper than people in Western Europe or other parts of the world.

Cost and Environmental Impact

This usage of toilet paper has an incredible impact on the environment. A single tree only produces around 800 rolls of toilet paper, on average – this means nearly 10 million trees are cut down in the US each year just for toilet paper manufacturing. This comes at a huge cost, as well – billions are spent by American consumers on toilet paper each year, the most of any single nation in the entire world.

Part two of our series, however, will go over how the use of bidet seats will dramatically cut down on your toilet paper needs, helping you be more eco-friendly in an area that's utilized every single day. For more on this or any of our bidet products or accessories, speak to the staff at GenieBidet today.

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