By Anjali Verma

Important Factors to Consider for Bidet Toilet Seats

One of the biggest misconceptions out there regarding bidet toilet seats is that they’re a major hassle to install. Some assume that installing a bidet seat requires a full overhaul of the bathroom, with major changes to plumbing connections and a huge associated cost – but this is not the case, and bidet seats are designed for simple DIY installation that usually takes under an hour.

At GenieBidet, we’re proud to offer sleek, modern bidet seats for your toilet and bathroom that are easy to install and utilize without any major remodeling or changes to your space. While our products are extremely simple and intuitive to install and use, we do think it’s valuable to give clients a quick primer on the bidet seat and some of the key factors to keep in mind when considering one. Here are a few areas to think about while determining whether a bidet seat is the right choice for you.

Size Templates

First and foremost, it’s important to note that modern bidets come in two broad size templates:

  • Elongated: As the name suggests, this is an option that features a bidet that is not perfectly round. It will require the toilet has enough space behind the mounting holes for the bidet bracket to fit – most toilets have easily enough space here.
  • Round: A perfectly round bidet seat, one that tends to work best in smaller spaces or those without access behind the toilet.

Part of making this choice may involve measuring your current toilet size and dimensions, which our team will walk you through as needed.

Hot Water Connection Themes

Next, it’s important to think a bit about your water connection for the new bidet seat. One of the great features of today’s modern electric bidet seats and attachments is a temperature adjuster that allows for warm water – but it’s vital to note that this model does not require a connection to the hot water heater in your home.

In fact, such a connection will trigger a safety sensor and the seat will not work. Rather, this process involves splitting the cold water line that supplies the toilet, allowing the bidet water to be warmed internally by the unit’s own watering system. This may sound complex, but it’s actually very simple and a process our pros can walk you through in just a handful of minutes.

Power Format

And finally, another important consideration for those purchasing electric bidet items is the power format. These options use a power outlet and require no hardwiring or batteries of any kind, so all you’ll generally need is a basic grounded outlet of 110/120 volts and 60 Hertz. Check specific models for power cord lengths and other important details here.

For more on the basic qualities of a bidet toilet seat, or to learn about any of our portable bidet or other product options, speak to the staff at Genie Bidet today.

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