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By Genie Bidet

Will A GenieBidet Save Me Money?

When thinking about rising costs at the grocery store, changing simple habits in your home will save you money.

Investing in a THE CLASSIC GenieBidet AB-2000 attachment will make you healthier and more hygienic. It will also save you thousands of dollars by not purchasing as much toilet paper. 

Let’s do the math. 

One package of toilet paper costs around $20 at the local department store. 

That’s for a standard 24 rolls.

The average single person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper. 

A family of four use up to 600. 

For the family, that’s 25 packages of 24 rolls a year. 

Seems a little less than what we use at home. 

I’m going to be careful and round up to 30. 

So for 30 packages, at $20 per package that’s $600 minimum. 

THE CLASSIC GenieBidet AB-2000 is only $74.00. 

So for less that’s $100 you can get a year round clean without having to shop every week for a new package. 

Investing in a GenieBidet attachment is also a plus for those who have any type of disability, maybe older and slower, or just want a more healthy and hygienic clean. 

So yes, a GenieBidet will ALWAYS save you money!

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