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Installation Tips & Tricks/Videos


Dear Consumer,

We assume you have just received your new GenieBidet and we wanted to give you some tips before you begin installing it. Don’t be intimidated, it’s really quite simple to install, with well written instructions. You will need 20-45 minutes.

Installation Videos:

Elongated or Round 1000 Model Install Video:

Attachment Model Install Video:

   Stealth Model Install Video:

Heated Electric Model Install Video:

Additional Tips and instructions: 

1) This will not apply to most customers, however, if you happen to have a rigid water supply line to your toilet tank you will need to replace that with a flexible steel braided water supply hose which can be found at any hardware store, Home Depot, Lowe’s etc.  The addition of the “T” connector will make your “rigid” hose too long.

We recommend you purchase the same length flexible hose as your rigid line +/- an inch. It does not need to be exact because it’s flexible, but too long may look unattractive. Here’s and example of what you need.

flexible steel braided water supply hose

 2) There is a white rubber hose that is sealed in a plastic bag. Occasionally the rubber gasket will fall out of the hose end during shipping. Just make sure you put it back in place if yours fell  out, or if you find it loose in the bag with the hose.

3) If you are not using the nuts, be sure to firmly push the two adapter plate anchors all the way into the two holes on your toilet bowl to ensure the adapter plate fits tightly to your toilet after tightening the stainless steel screws.

two adapter plate anchors

5) In most cases everyone is happy with the pressure that the cleaning jets put out.  If for any reason you would like a stronger stream, please refer to page 6 in the instructions and it will explain how to remove the pressure regulator and dramatically increase the pressure. 

How do I know if my toilet set is round or Elongated?

Round Measurements

Elongated Measurements 

How do I know if my toilet set is round or Elongated

The most common residential toilet bowl used to be round, especially when space was tight, but the trend is now to elongated bowls.

Most commercial bowls are elongated. Round bowls take up less space and are easier to clean around, but men tend to prefer elongated bowls because of this extra space in front. An elongated bowl is approximately two inches longer than a round bowl. This results in a larger target area and less drip on the bowl, thus improving sanitary conditions.

To determine which GenieBidet model you need, please measure your toilet to determine whether your bowl is:

♦ Elongated (approximately 18 1/2″ long)

♦ Round (approximately 16 1/2″ long)

Measure from center front of bowl to center of the hinge post holes (Not the Tank).


 Download a full copy of the instructions here

 GenieBidet Brochure