By Anjali Verma

Anti-Hoarding and Other Bidet Benefits Over Toilet Paper, Part 1

During this unique and difficult time in our country’s (and even the world’s) history, with the COVID-19 outbreak impacting every part of society, one of many impacts we’ve seen on the everyday citizen is a toilet paper shortage. Panic and fear over the initial stages of the outbreak caused hoarding of toilet paper and other materials, and this has continued for weeks and months in many places.

At GenieBidet, we’re here to offer a solution that many have known about since well before this outbreak took place: The bidet. We offer a huge range of bidet toilet seats, attachments, and other accessories that limit or remove the need for toilet paper, plus offer several additional benefits over this traditional cleaning method. In this multi-part blog, we’ll go over the numerous benefits of bidets over toilet paper, from how they help limit COVID-19 hoarding to several other areas to keep in mind.

No Hoarding Needed

First and foremost, moving to a bidet allows you to free yourself of any stress related to recent toilet paper hoarding due to the outbreak and resulting panic. Americans go through an estimated 36 million rolls of toilet paper each year, a number that’s likely grown during 2020 – that 36 million figure comes out to about 15 million trees, perhaps even more as some toilet paper companies have somehow become less economical in recent years.

With a bidet, you are not contributing to this waste or more recent hoarding. While some toilet paper is often still needed with a bidet, the amounts are far less and will allow you to be far more economical.

Saving Water

Bidets don’t just save toilet paper – they also save water, even compared to many modern toilets that purport to do the same thing. Many assume that bidets require tons of water to operate, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; in reality, bidets only use small spritzes of water for cleaning, far less than is typically flushed in a single trip to the toilet. This benefit comes on top of limiting risks of clogging or otherwise damaging the toilet with too much toilet paper, a common occurrence.

Money Savings

Between saved toilet paper and saved water, bidet owners are often shocked at their quick and significant savings from this installation. This is especially true for homes featuring multiple family members, or those that regularly host guests or social gatherings – the more a toilet area is used, the faster you’ll notice savings due to your bidet installation.

For more on how bidets are superior to toilet paper in numerous ways, including how they help avoid recent toilet paper hoarding stress, speak to the staff at GenieBidet today.

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