By Anjali Verma

Anti-Hoarding and Other Bidet Benefits Over Toilet Paper, Part 3

In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we’ve gone over some of the specific benefits of using bidets as an alternative to solely using toilet paper. Particularly during recent months, where much of the country has faced a toilet paper shortage due to hoarding surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, bidets and other methods of limiting toilet paper usage have been thrust into a greater spotlight.

At GenieBidet, our longtime clients have known about the benefits of our bidet toilet seats and other bidet attachments and accessories since well before this recent situation began. Such benefits extend well beyond cost or material savings and even include areas like personal hygiene, septic system benefits, and several others. Today’s final entry in our series will discuss some of the additional benefits of bidets over sole toilet paper usage, including for those with particular conditions or life circumstances.

Cost-Effective, Not a Luxury

There’s a stigma attached to bidets in some circles: They’re considered luxury products only, antiques that are mostly present for status and not for practical use. And while certain wealthy individuals may indeed view them this way, the reality is far from this.

Rather, today’s bidet products are affordable and cost-effective. They can be purchased for reasonable prices and installed easily, plus are not invasive or disruptive at all. You absolutely do not need to be a wealthy individual to own a bidet – in fact, as we went over in previous sections of this series, they often save homeowners money compared to previous toilet paper and water costs.

Ideal for Certain Situations

For particular individuals, bidets show even greater benefits than those we’ve already gone over here. Take new mothers, for instance, particularly those who are just coming home with their new babies – bidets are much more comfortable and simpler to use for those in these positions. In addition, those who suffer from movement issues or limitations with their hands or arms often benefit greatly from bidets, as do recent surgery patients. Many seniors, finally, use bidets to help gently clean them in low-impact ways.

Versatility and Modern Aesthetics

Finally, modern bidets are versatile, varied products that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They come with numerous different bidet attachment options and various accessories depending on your needs – there are even many bidet attachments that fit into your existing toilet, meaning you don’t necessarily have to buy an entire new bidet to get many of the benefits we’ve discussed here.

For more on how bidets help you save toilet paper and also benefit you in numerous other ways, or to learn about any of our bidet products or services, speak to the staff at GenieBidet today.

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