By Anjali Verma

Anti-Hoarding and Other Bidet Benefits Over Toilet Paper, Part 2

In part one of this multi-part blog series, we went over some of the distinct benefits of using a bidet rather than solely toilet paper. Particularly during recent periods, where toilet paper hoarding has been a major issue across the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, bidet usage has emerged as a fantastic alternative – and one that bidet users have long known about, even before this recent situation.

At GenieBidet, we’re proud to offer a huge array of bidet toilet seats, bidet attachment options and several other related products, helping numerous clients save paper, water and money while also benefiting from several of the other broad positives associated with bidets. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll look at several additional benefits of bidets compared to solely using toilet paper, including sanitation improvements and the impact on your septic system.

Sanitation Benefits

For those who prioritize true cleanliness, particularly those who have had issues with infection or others related to improper cleaning in these areas, bidets are often a godsend compared to toilet paper. While many modern forms of toilet paper are far more sanitary than they used to be, to be sure – they don’t risk splinters, for instance, which toilet paper in previous generations sometimes did – they still carry risks in terms of overall sanitation.

For example, those with sensitive skin are often uncomfortable using two-ply and three-ply toilet paper, even if it’s cushioned. Chafing and burning are common, as are situations where toilet paper simply doesn’t get the area as clean as needed. Bidets and their water sprays come with none of these issues – they get you far cleaner, reaching places toilet paper cannot and helping you feel fresher. You also retain far less bacteria and leave the bathroom with a far lower risk of infection or any related concern.

Less Irritation

We mentioned irritation above, and it’s a big factor for some people with sensitive skin – especially those who also have bowel issues that cause them to use the toilet more often. The gentle stream from a bidet, on the other hand, is soothing and ideal for people with such conditions.

Septic System Impact

Not only will your backside and your wallet thank you for installing a bidet, so will your home’s septic system. Bidets are far better for these systems than traditional toilets, which can experience clogs due to toilet paper or other items flushed. These clogs often lead to leaks, erosion or main sewer line issues – a bidet, on the other hand, often increases the expected lifespan of a given septic tank and pipe system by limiting such strains placed on it.

For more on the benefits of bidets over only using toilet paper, particularly during recent toilet paper shortages, speak to the staff at GenieBidet today.

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