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Be Cleaner with a Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidets have been common for many years in Europe, Asia, South America and North Africa, but they started becoming more popular in the U.S. after the global pandemic made toilet paper a scarce commodity. Americans are finally learning the benefits of bidet toilet seats and why they are so much better than our old standby, toilet paper.

Toilet paper has been commonly used for a long time — almost 200 years. Before that, many people used other more easily accessible objects to facilitate cleanliness, such as leaves, moss and corn husks. As you can imagine, none of these was particularly effective.

More recently, some toilet paper companies have started making and marketing wet wipes, apparently having been awakened to the fact that wiping your skin with a piece of dry paper was not exactly hygienic. Although many Americans are used to the practice, if you stop and think for a moment, using toilet paper is a little behind the times. We can do better today.

Bidet Toilet Seats

If you have traveled to other continents, you may have seen bidets. You may have even used one, though at first you may have been afraid. This is evidenced by a common Google query: “Do bidets spray poop everywhere?” (Spoiler alert: They do not.)

Regardless of whether you have ever used a bidet, you may not have previously been aware that your toilet can be easily retrofitted for a bidet. In fact, you can get a bidet toilet attachment that can easily be installed in under a half-hour, or you can get a bidet toilet seat.

GenieBidet has a number of standard and deluxe bidet toilet seats to choose from in round and elongated shapes to better fit with the style of toilet you have now.

All our bidet toilet attachments and bidet toilet seats come with separate bidet sprayer functions for feminine and rear cleansing. You can also adjust the pressure of the spray to suit your needs and preferences.

One of our bidet toilet seat models features a heated seat as well as adjustable water temperature. It also has a built-in blow dryer, so no drying cloths required!

Best Bidets from GenieBidet

Browse our selection of bidets to find the one that best suits your needs. We assure you that once you try a bidet, you will never want to go back to using toilet paper. The clean, fresh feeling you’re left with after using a bidet is far superior to toilet paper.

Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned with the ecological impact of using all that toilet paper. If you have been using wet wipes as well, you also won’t have to worry about them clogging your sewer pipes or posing sanitary hazards in the trash.

Make a clean break from toilet paper and shop GenieBidet today.

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