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What our clients say about us

  • "If you're looking for this product get this, you will not be disappointed"
  • "It works well, and I am glad I bought it"
  • "Pretty good value for the money!"
  • "Great product. Easy to install"
  • "I'll buy again"


  • I like it!

    - By By Michelle H
  • Like!!! If you're looking for this product get this, you will not be disappointed

    - By Edmond D. Sherrod
  • Great no frills bidet

    - By SeaShell
  • Simple Design. Wonderful Product.

    - By Winnie
  • This thing is great for it's purpose

    - By Larry Grace
  • It works well, and I am glad I bought it

    - By Brandon Blackmoor
  • Great deal and it works perfectly.

    - By Argus
  • I'm enjoying it

    - By Lyle
  • Easy to install, two nozzle bidet

    - By Country Doc
  • Excellent product - Even if you are a larger person

    - By Stephen Schultheis
  • Great product and pricepoint!

    - By Fperry
  • Great product. Well engineered.

    - By Robert A. Marmon
  • The Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat is easy to install, works wonderfully and the price is right!.

    - By Howard Brantly
  • ..took care of previous concerns and the product works great. will buy another bidet from them as well.

    - By Joel Franklin
  • Simple to install and meets all my expectations. I wanted a bidet toilet seat for years but had no electrical connection or hot water near any of my toilets. I thought having only a cold water connection would be uncomfortable. I decided to try this product after reading many reviews and even though I live in a climate that has a cold winter the water temperature is not uncomfortable. Both my husband and I love this addition to our bathroom and will never be without it in our home.

    - By Dobie