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About Us

After extensive traveling in Europe and Asia and experiencing the magic of Bidets, we realized that North America is in the Toilet Cleanliness Dark Ages! Why had we never used them before? Upon returning home, we could not go back to the old way of irritating, dry toilet paper!

Most Bidets on the market we found were bulky, poorly designed, looked cheap - nothing that was up to our standard of quality and luxury aesthetic. So with a minimalist approach and attention to quality and detail - we designed our own.

After extensive research, design, and testing over the last three years - our freshest models are sleek and discreet and are a beautiful touch to any modern, stylish bathroom.

We enjoy these Bidets in our homes and our families homes - we hope you do, too!

Genie Bidet / Ellegantz Quality Products.

We are Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with our friendly Customer Service based in the U.S. If you’d like to connect with us, we are available via phone at +1-888-999-6241 or email CS@GenieBidet.com.